Friday, September 23, 2011

No, it's not your imagination--

--like a chulent left to cook overnight, my posts very often look better the next day.

I have to reformat many of my posts on my home computer because, for reasons unknown, many of my formatting corrections simply don't "take" on my office computer.

And lately, just to make blogging more challenging, I've found that the "editor's pencil" no longer appears on my office screen. I have to edit by clicking on the Sign-In tab (even though I've obviously already signed in), then the Edit Posts tab, then the individual post. Deleting a comment requires clicking on the Sign-In tab, then the Comments tab, and I have to be particularly careful when deleting a comment because the display in the Comments window doesn't even separate the comments by post.

The biggest pain, though, is that I can longer edit old posts except at home. I can no longer simply find an error, click on the "editor's pencil," and make the correction and/or addition. Now, I would have to search through literally months or years worth of Edit Post pages to get to the post in question.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

[Actual publication date Sunday, October 23, 2011.]


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